Groeneveld-BEKA: The system provider around automatic lubrication:

Industrial lubrication
Vehicle lubrication
Belt lubrication

Single line system
Dual line system
Multi line system
Progressive system
Oil air system
Oil circulating system

Gear pumps
Grease pumps + oil pumps

Groeneveld-BEKA - lubrication systems for each application!


Certified to
ISO 9001:2015 and
ISO 14001:2015

Centralized Lubrication and Environmental Technology


Welcome on the website of Groeneveld-BEKA

Groeneveld-BEKA is a leading manufacturer of automatic maintenance systems.

Groeneveld-BEKA offers customized solutions all around central lubrication and environmental technology.

Groeneveld-BEKA GmbH is certified to DIN EN 9001:2015 and 14001:2015.

Last update: 20-12-01

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